'Doing the King’s Business in the Queen City’

The Tipping Point - How I Got Where I Am Today

C3 September Summit

Friday, September 16

Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

8 a.m. to 12 noon

As stated in his book The Tipping Point, Malcom Gladwell describes a tipping point as a “magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold - tips and spreads like wildfire.”  Our prestigious line-up of CEOs will share the God-placed tipping point in their lives on their way to success.  Their stories will leave you encouraged, inspired and receptive for the ‘good and perfect plan God has for you’ Jeremiah 29:11.  For Early Bird discount register HERE

Tim Biakabutuka

Tshimanga “Tim” Biakabutuka’s national fame became a reality while a professional football player in the NFL.   At the end of his six year sports reign as a Carolina Panther Running Back, Tim stepped into business - carefully strategizing how to win in this his new arena.  Since then, he has founded and operated small businesses from jewelry stores, real estate development and acquisition to his current venture of the development and operation of two Bojangles franchises.  He is now the Managing Director of ThreeOne Corporations.  But his journey has mirrored one that of a running back - dodging obstacles, out maneuvering the opposition, and keeping focused on the goal. Come hear the twists and turns that’s taken Tim to the real success Tim’s enjoys today.  If you need to overcome setbacks that are holding you back from winning … come prepared to be learn from a real pro.


Jim Noble


When chef and pastor Jim Noble opened the King's Kitchen in the heart of Uptown in 2010, the restaurant's mission was to provide job training, mentoring and discipleship to the otherwise unemployable in the city….and all while feeding the hungry on the streets of Charlotte.  But what really led Jim to move his focus to the hungry and homeless from his clientele of connoisseurs dining in his renown upscale restaurants?  Simply, God gave Jim and his wife Karen an assignment where they would use their skills and talents for His purpose.  As a result, blessings are falling like manna from heaven on the hungry and homeless, the volunteers who help, and donors who help make this dream a reality.   Have you determined your assignment and been obedient to see it come into fruition?  Chef Noble will share the recipe and his list of special ingredients so you too can live your dream.

Darin Brockelbank
Darin Brockelbank is the President & Chief Visionary of Metro GreenScape, a blooming landscape company.  As ‘Chief Visionary’ – one can only imagine a teenager mowing neighbor’s lawns and picturing himself owing a landscape company grossing nearly $6M with 49 employees!  With Metro GreenScape growing year after year by a minimum of a million dollars, Brockelbank thought he was on track to ‘conqueror the world’.  Then suddenly Darin’s life and business collided when he realized his family was falling apart.  “I needed to change – and fast.” What he did was contrary to what business moguls might advise.  But he took his advice from the Wonderful Counselor and did a complete reversal.  He says “that was the tipping point that changed everything.”  And that tipping point resulted in an even more prosperous business and personal life landscape than before.  His insight will astound you!


Lunch & Learn

Wednesday, September 28 – Hampton Inn & Suites in Southpark with Burt Lohoff-Gaida presenting “Overcoming Procrastination”  As Burt would say – “I’ve put this off as long as I can.”  Register HERE


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