A Session with My Coach


May 14th


Hampton Inn and Suites in Southpark


2 pm



Coaching session with Burt Lohoff-Gaida



'Doing the King’s Business in the Queen City’


April 26th - Dinner and Theatre

Let us know if you can meet us for a dinner and an evening at the Blumenthal on Sunday, April 26th.  A while back, Dave and I had the joy of seeing Max McLean’s production of The Screwtape Letters based on C.S.Lewis’ book.   It was outstanding and our wish was to have everyone we know see it.  It’s coming back to Charlotte and our fervent wish has been granted.  C3 has been offered HALF PRICE tickets for the performance on Sunday April 26th.   To get your C3 discount for 4, purchase a FAMILY AND FRIENDS 4 PACK (4 FOR $99.96) by clicking on this link.  Then follow these steps to get your tickets:


1. The provided link to the Family and Friends 4 Pack already has the discount code selected.

2. Select four Price Zone 10 seats that you want to sit in. They don't necessarily have to be together, although most folks prefer that. Do this by clicking on whatever Price Zone 10 seats are available at the time on all seating levels (Orchestra, Mezzanine, Grand Tier or Balcony).

3. Once you have selected your four seats, push the "Get tickets" button and it will redirect you to the payment process, whereby it will ask patrons for credit card information, etc. Complete the checkout process until you see a confirmation screen.

Please let us know if you want to meet us for dinner so we can make reservations and discuss the place and time).

April 20th  C3 Members ‘Just Lunch’ at Stone Mountain Grill in Ballantyne at 12:00.  Please RSVP here.

April 27th  C3 Members ‘Just Lunch’ at Red Rocks in Birkdale at 12:00.  Please RSVP here.

May 14th ‘A Session with My Coach” at Hampton Inn and Suites in Southpark at 12:00.  Our coach for this month is Burt Lohoff-GaidaIncluded is your own personal on-line assessment – which we believe is the most accurate and self-explanatory tool available.  You will receive personalized feedback during the meeting and get a deeper understanding of YOU so you can discover your sweet spot.  Cost is $45 (less than the cost for the assessment itself)!  Bring your own brown bag lunch.  Please register here so we can get a headcount for Burt.

Upcoming months are with coaches: Gina Herald, Hugh Grey, Kelly Irons and Bill Pavelich.

Watch for 2 Conference Calls from our Summit Speakers, Doug Spada and David Yarnes.  Details to follow. 

Our Charlotte Christian Chamber Facebook Group is continuing to grow.  We are now opening it to the C3 database.  As a teaser, Lance Wallnau shares in a short 28 minute capsule Click here to watch the webinar!  ‘How to Accelerate Your Assignment’.  We received Lance’s link this morning and already watched it twice.  Challenge:  Start it and then try to stop it.   We’ve also posted Michael Pink’s 30/30 Challenge on the C3 Facebook Group page.  Join here.

And would you help us and help yourself at the same time by requesting an application to get a comparison for your essential services, i.e. cell phone, energy, credit card processing, TV, etc.?  Many of you took applications at our Summit.  Please email your copy to and we’ll provide you with an analysis of your potential savings.  Personally, we’ll be saving $720 a year on our TV services!  And that doesn’t include cell phone and energy savings.  If you didn’t get a copy and want one – please send me an email to request one.  Thanks

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Be Blessed,

Pat and Dave Baldridge