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Prevailing New Trends and Where


They Are Leading Our Nation


Friday, October 21, 2016

8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary


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The Evolution of Our American Dysfunction

CL Bryant is passionate about his calling.  From his family roots on the Cane River in Louisiana to the mission field in South Africa to a platform addressing 1.5 million people in Washington, DC - CL has seen it all and done it all.  Former President of the NAACP while a pastor in Texas, Bryant has concluded "In order to understand America, we need to understand the Civil War."  For example, he says "The current popular 'humane' tendency is to modify the pains of our past with today's (politically correct) slogans and thereby create 'an intentional design for dysfunction."....


Revealing The Vision of Our Founding Fathers

Nancy Schulze is a Fellow of the Chuck Colson Center and focuses her speaking on the worldview of our Founders, the unraveling of their vision, and what it will take to reclaim and rebuild the “real” America. Given the gaps in our education since the 1960’s, the majority of Americans are unaware of or unclear about the worldviews that drive policy in this country, and how those policies affect each and every one of us.  Schulze says; “Every debate, bill, regulation or policy is connected to a belief system or worldview vying for dominance in America.” ....


Be Alert To The Strategy To Silence Christian Thinking

When CL Gray, MD diagnosed the distinctions of healthcare systems he exposed a paradoxical outcome of two philosophies; a worldview based on the concept of a ‘fixed’ truth to that of ‘anything but the truth’ way of thinking.  Gray believes, “The single greatest challenge Believers face today is communicating a worldview based on the concept of a Fixed Truth.” Current culture is trending to use any method at its disposal to convince Americans of the irrationality of Christian thought......


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