'Doing the King’s Business in the Queen City’

What You Asked For!


How-To Develop a Work Culture that Operates by Love, Joy, Peace, etc. (Fruits of the Spirit)

Speaker: Mike Wolff

The pressures of a highly competitive marketplace may cause incredible stress on the average American worker. From the CEO to the warehouse employee, the expectations to meet deadlines and insure top rate quality control takes its toll. More times than not, companies really don't care how it gets done -- just as long and it gets done! The result of such a fast paced environment can often ruin a company's culture, with the results employees being disgruntled, aggravated, and frustrated. But, is that the environment God intended for us to work in? Most certainly not!  Believe it or not, God intended just the opposite.


What You Didn't Ask For!

"How To Handle A Conflict With Your Values or Beliefs"

Speaker: Jim Quick

As a creative professional or ministry there are many choices you have to make for your business. You know that there are some projects you just can’t say “yes” to. Sometimes it conflicts with your brand, or it’s beyond your skill set, or it’s a new type of product that you just aren’t interested in pursuing. Sometimes it’s bigger than that – a conflict with your values or beliefs.  We will review 5 practical steps every creative professional can take to protect yourself in this current hostile cultural environment.

April 27th is Administrative Professionals Day.  Register to bring your assistant and enter a drawing for a free lunch at a future Lunch & Learn event.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016 from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Hampton Inn and Suites - Southpark

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